About Us

At Rebel42 we are passionate about posters.  There is nothing better than posters on a wall to turn a house into a home.  Whether you want a vintage poster, a photo or just something that speaks to you.  

Our other obsession is quality.  Attention to detail on every poster is essential; from the quality of the paper to the making of the frames, everything needs to be perfect for someone to want to hang a poster on their wall.  We want you to be a repeat customer, so you need to be a happy customer.  That’s why customer service is so important.  If you have any questions, just email us.  John is the one with the most spare time so you should email him.  He’d love to hear from if only to give him something to do.  His email is john@rebel42.com

Finally, let’s talk about the thing that matters to everyone; our Planet.  It’s the only one we have after all.  Printing and posting aren’t the most environmentally friendly thing to do; you know that, we know that.  So we have taken steps to offset this.  First, for every 10 posters bought, we plant a tree through onetreeplanted.org/.  There are a lot more than 10 posters in one tree!  Just saying.  Second we are part of a large network of printers, so we try and find the printer closest to you so that your precious cargo doesn’t have to go far.